Newswire services once helped editors expand newspapers’ and broadcast media coverage beyond local news.

Now in the “information age,” critics complain about unvetted news.

“Narratives” pushed by special interests have replaced reporting. Bias in presentation and topics covered is blatant. The Democrat Party agenda is heavily favored by most corporate media outlets, and alternative presentations counter with a bias of their own.

Free Press International goes back to the future by offering unique value to all publishers including “citizen journalists”. With a boost from Free Press Foundation, it’s even affordable. The monthly membership rate approximates what one freelance article might cost.  
FPI offers a competitive advantage on the top news of the day with exclusive data points, not partisan narratives. Left-leaning corporate media can reinforce credibility by better serving their more conservative audiences with FPI’s help.

Niche publications can leverage quality content that is accurate, fair and trustworthy at a much more affordable price than AP or Reuters.

FPI is made to order for “citizen journalists” who have decided to correct or supplement the record on their own initiative. Such independent publishers of news sites, social media pages, podcasts and other formats are the heroes of the 21st-century media revolution. Such media validate perspectives that would otherwise be silenced.

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