Citizen Journalists

Resurrecting the Free Press, one Citizen Journalist at a time

You wouldn’t know it from the major corporate media outlets, but Americans are tuning out the established press and accessing their own alternative information sources to stay abreast of our rapidly-changing world.

Unfortunately, some of that news is no different from partisan press reports: It doesn’t bear up under scrutiny.

Free Press International offers an affordable high quality news service tailor-made for the growing ranks of Citizen Journalists in the United States and worldwide. These leadership-minded publishers and broadcasters act to correct disinformation and misinformation which distorts reality and causes real damage.

Look for example, at the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic, made much worse by irresponsible mass media fear-mongering and round-the-clock coverage. The constantly-changing statistics, theories and narratives terrifies the world’s population centers. The resulting world view lacks balanced perspective and is not grounded in objective reality.

By correcting the record in real time, Citizen Journalists are the real heroes of this era.  They have taken it upon themselves to update their communities, families and networks on relevant news platforms including newspapers, e-letters, news sites, podcasts, YouTube or blogs.

Like the news services of yesteryear, FPI editorial content can either be republished intact or used to supplement and validate original news, analysis and commentary.

Join the second American Revolution. It’s 2020, and the hour is late. We have all waited for someone to do something. We waited in vain. Electing good people is futile if their every word and deed is sabotaged and misrepresented by a hostile, one-sided press corps.

Take up arms now. Safeguard the First Amendment Freedoms which made this nation great and continue to inspire oppressed populations worldwide.

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