FPI Brand Attribution Guidelines

Free Press International (FPI) news, analysis, and opinion represent the highest editorial quality and integrity, and the FPI name and brand is a distinguishing mark of excellence. The FPI Brand Attribution Guidelines are part of the agreement with the FPI News Service and facilitates each subscriber’s benefits from the brand.

Honor Copyright Notices
You may not remove or conceal any trademark or other proprietary notice included with or incorporated into any item of Content provided by the FPI News Service republished as is.

Credit Content to FPI or a Third Party Provider
Except as set forth below, if any Content delivered by FPI carries an FPI credit or a Third Party Provider credit, and a subscriber reproduces a substantial part of such Content in its property, the subscriber must clearly display credit to FPI or the relevant Third Party Provider. The appropriate credit is: FPI, Free Press International or Free Press International News Service. Reproduction of a “substantial part” shall mean the use of any item of Content by incorporating it into the Client Property as it was provided by FPI or by making only insubstantial alterations to it.

If a subscriber uses Content from the FPI News Service as a source of statements, quotes, background material, information and/or other text intermingled with non-FPI material to create original editorial content, said subscriber will give appropriate attribution to FPI or the relevant Third Party Provider as the source material for its finished content.

Where any FPI text is used by the subscriber property substantially as it was provided by FPI, the subscriber will maintain the original FPI dateline and author attribution or byline that appears together with the FPI content.

Translation of FPI Content
If the subscriber translates FPI Content from the original language in which it was provided, the subscriber will identify itself and the responsible party for the translation.

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